• ‘Healthy beef animals’ leads to ‘healthy profits’. Maintaining a healthy herd and keeping infectious diseases outside the farm gate must be the first priority of Midland Veterinary for its customers. Having proper measures in place will go long a way to achieving this. Our staff will help to provide the farmer with extensive information to keep their beef cattle as healthy as possible, in order for them to reap as much benefit from their farming as possible. Many of our staff are beef cattle farmers themselves and are constantly investing their time to learn as much as possible to be able to provide the farmer with the best possible knowledge to help maintain healthy and profitable herds.
  • Recognising the common diseases of beef cattle and how they can be prevented is an important skill that our staff need to have. Prevention is always more desirable as it works out less expensive in the long term and lowers the impact on future animal performance, but our staff also must know what treatment to recommend to the farmers we are dealing with. Health issues often come to the fore around calving. Maintaining both a healthy cow and a healthy calf around this stage of the production cycle are critical on any suckler farm. A successful calving ensures calves can start growing immediately and cows will return to breeding without delay. But we at Midland Veterinary pride ourselves in knowing we can help our customers in various different types of health situations with their animals.
  • We provide a broad range of cattle health supplements and veterinary medicines such as:
  • Wormers, flukicides, lice and external parasite treatments, coccidiosis treatments, mineral boluses and drenches etc.
  • We also provide a broad range of farm equipment and hardware and have a stock of all the leading brands.
Our main goal is to supply the best quality of goods at the best prices!
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