Over 18,000 dairy farmers milk Ireland’s 1.55 million dairy cows. With a temperate climate, Irish dairy farmers can grow large quantities of grass over a long season. This advantage makes dairying the most profitable of Ireland’s mainstream agricultural enterprises at this moment in time. Irish dairy farmers are among the most competitive on the world stage. We at Midland Veterinary are constantly upskilling on the dairy side of farming as it is very complex, and it is paramount to keep the health of the cow as the main priority for animal welfare and high yield which leads to more profit for our farmers.

We provide many health products, feeds, parlour hygiene products and cow medicines and vitamins/minerals for our dairy customers to choose from. We also have serious information at our disposal from our staff and company reps to ensure our dairy farmers are provided with the best information and recommendations to ensure their farms are efficient, healthy, and profitable.

Our main goal is to supply the best quality of goods at the best prices!
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